Crypto Accounting Solution

Leveraging Elven's leading crypto assets financial management platform, we enable financial control and enhance decision-making efficiency through data utilization
  • Target Client:
  • Projects
  • Accounting firms

Problem Solved

Disorganized Entity and Wallet

  • Legal entity, business entity and accounting entity are intertwined, and the boundaries of financial statistics are unclear
  • Accounts are scattered across various data sources including blockchain wallets, traditional bank accounts, personal payments, custody accounts, and exchange accounts. The purposes of these accounts are ambiguous, and their management is chaotic, making errors and omissions likely

Chaotic Accounting

  • Lack of standardized business categorization, resulting in financial processing of historical transactions relying on individual memory
  • Financial personnel are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency operations, leading to challenges in understanding business operations and performing accurate accounting
  • Merged income, expenses, and profits are unclear, preventing timely and accurate insights into business operations for managers.
  • Inability to provide financial reports upon request from investors

Governance Disorder

  • Disorderly financial approval processes increase the risk of employee embezzlement and financial losses
  • Missing accounting vouchers and disorganized contact information management hinder the traceability and auditing of historical transactions

Our Solution

Financial Management Platform

  • Wallet and Multi-Entity Management
  • One-Click Financial Report Export, Real-Time Updates of Financial Statements
  • Suspicious Transaction Monitoring
  • One-Click Submission of Reports to Investors

Financial Consulting

  • Entity and Wallet Organization and Planning
  • Business Activities and Accounting Workflow Mapping
  • Regular Financial Reporting

Financial Audit

  • Internal Audit of Blockchain Transactions
  • Third-Party Audit Reports

Technical Consulting

  • System Integration (Business Systems, Custodial Platforms, Financial Systems, etc.)
  • Public Blockchain Node Data Analysis and Operations (Customized Integration)
Elven’s solutions enable us to streamline our accounting services for our web 3 & crypto clients. We are able to do our accounting and generate crypto native financial reports with ease, and this allows us to reduce the time spent on piecing together on-chain transactions.
——— Jeffery Business Partner・Berru
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