Proof of Reserves Solution

We provide reliable financial proofs for your custodial assets and support various methods of external disclosure to enhance community transparency
  • Target Client:
  • RWA
  • DAO
  • Stablecoins

Problem Solved

Lack of Trustworthiness

  • Customers worry whether assets are real, requiring due diligence and proof from a professional third party

Delayed Data Updates

  • Traditional PoR reports can only report on assets at a certain point in time and do not allow for real-time updating of changes in the balances of the underlying assets

Inability to Be Recorded on-Chain

  • Assets held through centralized platforms cannot be uploaded on-chain, cannot be tokenized for trading, and cannot be invoked by smart contracts

Our Solution

Asset data Integration

  • Integration of multiple asset platforms, including crypto assets, fiat currencies, bonds, ETFs, crypto funds, and many other assets

Asset status validation services

  • Through third-party due diligence, review the entity holding the assets, ownership of the platform account, the source and use of the assets and transactions to certify that the assets really exist

Asset data node service

  • Operation and maintenance of asset data nodes, provide real-time access to asset balance data and push change alerts

Asset data oracle

  • Connect to ChainLink node service and write to Datafeed Oracle chain service
PoR service is a must-have for our HOPE stablecoin and Elven helped us to bridge our cross-chain asset and the on-chain oracles. Their comprehensive audit process and reliable data service increase the transparency to our stakeholders.
——— Yuko Head of Finance・Hope
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