Transparent, Compliant and Auditable

Financial Statements
for Crypto Assets

Elven is the #1 financial reporting and compliance platform for cryptos to generate transparent, compliant and auditable financial statements automatically.
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What you can do with elven

Increase Transparency

Increase transparency and foster trust in your ecosystem.

Manage Treasury

Manage your treasury wallets or track your portfolio performance.

Perform Due Dilligence

Perform financial due dilligence to manage risk.

Improve Efficiency

Automate accounting process and optimize taxation.

Our Coverage

Many crypto businesses and financial institutions choose elven to generate transparent, compliant and auditable financial statements automatically.

Get GAAP-compliant statements with your wallet address only.

Provided your wallet address list only, Elven platform and services will process relevant on-chain transactions and automate accounting cycle based on built-in accounting rules.

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Crypto Financial Statements

Generate your GAAP compliant financial statements automatically.
Expand to see the underlying tokens for each accounts.
Sync mark-to-market adjustments to mark the current value of holdings.
Report for lastest and historical periods, or accounting purposes can be run for any date.

Transparent Accounting Rules
& Drilling-down Notes

Trackable accounting methodologyme and interactive notes

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Auditable Ledger

Automated journaling and posting process based on built-in accounting rules

Revenue Reconition Rules

Crypto Payments Accounting Rules

Mark-to-Market or Impairment Rules

Cost-basis Rules

LIFO, FIFO, Cost Weighted Average, and Specific Identification

DeFi Accounting Rules

Lending, liquidity mining, stacking, yield farming, etc.

NFT Accounting Rules

NFT revenue, royalties, relieved cost-basis, gas fees, platform fees, and other expenses


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Available NFT collections


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