Exchange Accounting Solution

We offer targeted financial management solutions for exchanges with large volumes of transactions to prevent internal financial loss and enhance public credibility externally
  • Target Client:
  • CEX
  • Crypto Asset Operation Platform

Problem Solved

Disorganized control of assets

  • Lack of vouchers and review process for on-chain expenses, making it easy for embezzlement
  • Mixed use of user deposit/withdrawal accounts and the company's daily treasury accounts without segregating the risk exposure of user's assets

Disorganized transaction records

  • Inability to clearly distinguish users' funds and company funds, prone to mixing and misappropriation of assets
  • Lack of timely access to revenues, expenses and profits, and inaccurate information for decision-making
  • Inaccurate handling of price fluctuations and capital gain/loss resulting in inability to calculate the true profitability of the position
  • No corresponding accounting treatment for assets with restrictions, resulting in insufficient control over the liquidity of assets and the risk of a run on funds

Complexity of data sources

  • The number of on-chain deposit/withdrawal addresses and transactions is large and changes frequently (million-level), making it difficult for financial staff to maintain and update
  • Difficutly in systems data integration between business systems, on-chain wallets (including custodian wallets) and financial systems

Our Solution

Financial Management Platform

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Financial reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cashflow Statement (fiat)
  • Crypto asset disclosures: Significant Holdings of Crypto Assets, Restrictions of Crypto Assets, Roll-forward of Crypto Assets
  • Suspicious Transaction Monitor
  • Reconciled financial report with other entities

Financial Consulting

  • Entity and account planning
  • Business Activity Mapping
  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • Internal Audit of On-chain Transaction
  • Real-time on-chain proof of reserve (with ChainLink)
  • System Integration (Business System, Custodians, Financial Systems)
  • On-chain Data Support
Elven has truly revolutionized our financial management! Its detection of suspicious transactions shield us from potential scams and risks. The real-time and accurate financial reports empower us to make swift decisions and seize opportunities.
——— Nash Head of Finance・NORTH TECH PTE LTD
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