Enpower the AI Pioneer

As the star AI startup, Myshell realizes efficient financial management through Elven's accounting platform and consulting services, which enable them spend more time on product development and business expansion
Enpower the AI Pioneer

Our Solution

Myshell involves the use of both fiat and crypto assets and the conversion of the two in its daily operations, so it needs a tool to record and reconcile on-chain and off-chain transactions.

With Elven's platform, Myshell's team has a clear view of their on-chain wallet and off-chain platform transactions, and can easily manage all types of transactions and attach information like invoice in the system. The reporting system allows the management team to clearly see the current financial status.

Combined with Elven's accounting advisory services, Myshell's finance team has reduced the time spent on managing financial information by more than 50% and is able to get timely and accurate financial information.

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MyShell is a robot creation platform that covers scenarios including casual chatting, speaking practice or even psychological counseling.As a star AI company, Myshell has already gained a large number of customers in several scenarios.