Legend Trading

Prepare for audit and compliance

Legend Trading is able to easily manage more than $1 billion in monthly transactions by fully adopting Elven's financial systems and consulting services, ready for subsequent audits and compliance.
Prepare for audit and compliance

Our Solution

Through Elven's system, Legend Trading has overcame barriers between the business system, hosting system and financial system, realizing the integration of business and finance, easing the burden of financial processing

Use Elven's business labeling and accounting engine to accurately track the impact of a large number of OTC transactions on a company's assets and revenues

With clear, real-time financial statements and dashboard, Legend Trading's auditors are able to conduct audits that provide a solid foundation for financial compliance.

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Legend Trading is a leading U.S. regulated crypto trading firm trusted by 800+ institutional traders due to its reputable reputation. Its primary services encompass OTC, payments, and trading, with monthly bank transfers and settlements exceeding 1 billion USD, spanning across more than 150 countries. Its clients and partners include Kucoin,, OKX, Cobo, Paxos, USD Coin, and more.