Automate financial processes for expanding business

By fully adopting Elven's financial systems and advisory services, StellaPay has created a one-stop financial solution tailored to the newly launched payments business.
Automate financial processes for expanding business

Our Solution

Through Elven's system, StellaPay has overcame barriers between the business system, hosting system and financial system, realizing the integration of business and finance, easing the burden of financial processing, and facilitating new business growth.

Elven's business categories and accounting engine accurately track the gain and loss from the change of fair value of assets such as BTC and ETH.

With clear, real-time financial statements and dashboard, StellaPay can easily manage the risks associated with new business development and has a solid foundation for financial compliance.

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StellaPay is a licensed crypto assets bank card issuer in Singapore, through which users can spend and withdraw cash using crypto assets in most regions of the world. StellaPay has already partnered with leading companies like Legend Trading and Cobo.